“In a fast-paced book that reads like a mass-market thriller, Flinchum shows the deep anger that Ponzi scheme victims feel.”

Kevin Adler, Editor of the NAPFA Advisor, the trade journal for financial advisors

‘Paybacks’ is a gripping journey through family pain, gradually building to a bittersweet but satisfying conclusion.  Written by an industry veteran, readers will learn how to avoid becoming another victim of Ponzi schemes themselves.  A true must-read!

-Paul Puckett, investment advisor, speaker and author of “Investiphobia”

“Flinchum’s tale resembles in many ways a Shakespearian tragedy. . . . However, what truly makes this award-winning book worth reading beyond its thought-provoking theme is Flinchum’s juxtaposing of certain key characters. . . . Enriched by emotional complexity, suspense, and a smooth narrative, Flinchum’s financial cautionary tale is a solid investment.”

-John Roper for The US Review of Books

“READ PAYBACKS and you will be captured by its story of a collapsed Ponzi scheme and its tragic effects on two families.  The battle scenes and the courtroom scenes are equally realistic and riveting.  PAYBACKS also explores the ethical issue of who, if anyone, has the right to take life.  You will find the ending to be both unexpected and gut wrenching.  It is truly a worthy read.”

By Gregory R. Wright, Sr.
Trial Lawyer and Trial Advocacy Lecturer
Former Marine

“Flinchum – a former Special Forces officer, expert marksman and winner of the 2012 International Book Award – hits his stride.”

-Kirkus Reviews

I was particularly intrigued by your idea that the financial criminal might really be a sociopath, in fact, that the hardened killer (sniper) might in many ways be similar (if more violent).  The disintegration of the two families was an interesting parallel.  Nicely done!

-Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

Honorable Mention at the 2013 Great Southeast Book Festival in New Orleans.

Finalist for the 2013 Beverly Hills Book Award for literary fiction..