About the Book

Jeff made a fortune but lost it all in a Ponzi scheme run by his longtime friend and financial advisor.  Unable to face either his shame or his family, he puts a .357 pistol in his mouth and ends his pain.

His older son is a respected criminal defense attorney in Washington, who unsuccessfully defends a serial killer known as “The Giggler.” That killer is then sent to the same Maryland prison as the Ponzi crook.

At the urging of a remarkable woman to break everything in his life, Jeff’s younger son drifts from being a waiter in Washington to becoming a sniper in Afghanistan. When he returns, he finds himself in exotic South Beach, face-to-face with the younger son of the Ponzi crook in a crowded upscale bar.

When The Giggler decides to do his lawyer a favor, the unsuspecting older son becomes a victim.

Caught in a legal web where victims are second-class citizens, the brothers are drawn ever closer together even as destiny pulls them apart.