You are never as naked as when you write.  The reader can look into your mind, evaluating your intelligence, your imagination, your values and your character.  Writing is not for the shy or the meek.  Yet, writing helps to crystalize your thoughts and forces you to project a view. 

In Paybacks:  A Tale of Ponzi Schemes and Families, I project the family pain that can result from a single bad financial decision and identify that decision for the reader.  In addition, I look at the very real personal and philosophical confusion that military snipers suffer.

I’m currently working on Existential Investing, a non-fiction study.  The overlap between economics and investing is well studied.  The overlap between philosophy and investing is not.  A more cynical view of short-term information and a more sanguine view of long-term success can help the investor deal with an irrational world.  Trust me, it’s more interesting than it sounds!

Next, I plan to write more fiction about an “accidental” crook with the payroll and payroll tax industry as a setting.  This is another industry with a fiduciary need for honesty and transparency but without a fiduciary standard to measure it.  It will also clearly dramatize the futility of wasting billions on standardized prison time for non-standardized prisoners.  

Thank you for stopping by this website, and I hope to see you in the bookstore soon!

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